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Sri Trailanga Swami ji and baba Keenaram

Once, Sri Trailanga Swami ji went to Krin Kund, the ashram of the famous Baba Keenaram - a great saint and Guru of the Aghoris.

On reaching Krin Kund, and not finding Baba Keenaram there, who was not present at that time, Sri Trailanga Swami ji sat on the seat of Baba Keenaram. The disciples of Baba Keenaram, not knowing the stature of Sri Trailanga Swami ji, were antagonised that a stranger would dare to walk into the Ashram and sit on their Guru's seat.

Very Soon, Baba Keenaram arrived there, and seeing the commotion, asked his his men to stay silent. He recognised that he was in the company of a great soul. Both saints sat together and chatted for a long time. Nobody knows what was discused between them.

बाबा कीनाराम के शिष्य, जो अघोरी हैं, और नशे को पूजा की एक विधि के रूप में इस्तेमाल करते हैं, श्री त्रैलंग स्वामी को मादक सामग्री के पांच बर्तन परोसते हैं। अपने अतिथि का सम्मान करने के तरीके के रूप में, और आंशिक रूप से त्रैलंग स्वामी को मदहोश करने के लिए एक शरारत के रूप में।

To their suprise, Sri Trailanga Swami ji emptied the five pots. When Sri Trailanga Swami ji was about to leave, Baba Keenaram, expecting him to be inebriated, instructed his disciples to escort Sri Trailanga Swami ji. The escorts were shocked when Sri Trailanga Swami ji just disappeared. He was later seen at Panchaganga ghat.