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31 Teachings Of Sri Trailanga Swami ji

Sri Trailanga Swami ji's 31 teachings for daily life. To be thought for the day, and then to perform yoga upon it

He who lives in peace with himself can always support his neighbor.

Language is always ready to lie, so a person must learn to master it and cultivate self-discipline.

It is necessary to make every effort to get rid of laziness, the main reason for inaction.

Life is a constant test, a time to correct past mistakes. With this in mind, one should, with the help of analysis and observation, learn to distinguish between good and evil, ponder actions, and then act.

Respect all religions. All religions have one truth and all have one goal - the achievement of Salvation (Moksha).

Help the poor and truly needy, not those who pretend to be such. Distribute knowledge wisely and only to those who wish to receive it.

Society of sages is heaven, it purifies the soul and fills the heart with joy for a long time. Society of sinners is hell.

Strive for self-knowledge, always be ready to help your neighbor. Be at peace with yourself, only then can you attain Salvation.

A person who studies and understands the scriptures, but does not live by their principles, is worse than a sinner.

Before starting any business, you should thoroughly study its goals. We need to know what the benefit will be, what we are striving for and what we want to avoid.

Violence is unacceptable in relation to all living beings. You can not kill for any, both bad and noble reasons. Anyone who cannot give life has no right to take it away.

If I do not purify myself, if I do not show modesty and humility, if my thoughts, speech and actions are not sincere, all my attempts to wear the clothes of the righteous will lose all meaning.

Just as raindrops flood a house without a roof, so enemies easily penetrate the heart of an ignorant person.

A person who leads the wrong way of life does not know peace and is constantly tormented by this, feeling guilty for his actions.

Contemplation is the path to immortality, and worry is to death.

A person does not have an enemy more terrible than his consciousness and there is no harm worse than harm inflicted on himself.

A bee, collecting pollen from a flower, does not harm its beauty and aroma. A person who acquires knowledge should behave in this way and not harm anyone.

An ignorant person thinks like this, "This is my son, this is my wealth." But if he does not belong to himself, how can his son and property belong to him?

Few manage to cross the river and get to the other side. Most, lacking courage, continue to run on one side.

Not the hero who shows valor in the face of the enemy, but the one who is able to defeat himself.

One should not feel invulnerable and protected from sins. Just as a jug can be filled to the brim drop by drop, so a person, without knowing it, becomes a sinner. Only fear of committing a sin can save us from it.

You can wear rags, fast, mortify your flesh and sleep on the earth, but if a person has not learned to control himself and his desires, no trials will cleanse his heart.

Strive for yourself what you advise others. Only someone who is in complete control of himself can give advice.

Man is responsible for all his good and evil deeds, and therefore only himself can be purified.

This whole world is an illusion. It is like a fata morgana in the desert or water bubbles. Realize this.

A person who does not attach importance to the flowing time and lives only by the eternal essence is not subject to death.

A man who controls his anger and suppresses its impulses is like a rider who can stop a wild horse. Everyone else is just holding the reins.

Conquer anger with love; wish good to those who do evil; conquer selfishness with unselfishness, and falsehood with truth.

Listen carefully and with concentration to the speech of the guru and follow all his instructions with thoughts and actions. The guru is the inner teacher.

Weigh every word. The one who talks a lot lies. Silence leads to inner peace.

A loved one following the wrong path can do more harm than the worst enemy.